Our full-service offering is tailored to your requirements and market-oriented.

As a private label specialist in baby food, we professionally implement your requirements according to your wishes. Are you interested in trends? Here too, we are the experienced partner at your side. We monitor consumer behaviour and market trends and are happy to advise you on this. Get in touch with us.


One of the leading baby food producers in Europe’s private label business

As one of Europe’s leading private label baby food producers, we work with a highly specialised network of suppliers. We also have our own production facilities for baby food. This means we can offer our customers a wide range of products, packaging and formulations for tailor-made solutions.

Weaning food

Sunval Baby Food GmbH is a specialist in organic baby food in glass jars.

Glass is still one of the most environmentally friendly solutions. Odourless and tasteless, it keeps the actual taste intact and unspoilt—even after a long period of time.

It is hygienic to use due to its level of bacteriological safety.

As a sustainable raw material, it is also 100% recyclable and therefore reusable.

In the packaging sector, we are constantly developing and investing in innovative solutions, such as PVC-free lids.

The following formats are available:

Small jars
• 80 g
• 125 g
• 190 g
• 220 g
• 250 g (2 different diameters)

Glass bottles
• 200 ml
• 500 ml
• 750 ml


We have an extensive portfolio. From popular classics to recipes that use special ingredients.

Of course, our developments are always in line with the latest nutritional knowledge.

We would be happy to work with you to develop completely new taste experiences for our little ones.

All of our jars are made durable through pasteurisation or sterilisation, depending on the recipe’s pH value.

Our range covers the following segments:

• Vegetables
• Fruit—also combined with cereals or yoghurt
• Complete Meals
• Meat and fish dishes
• Drinks
• Evening pap
• Snacks
• Desserts